Jan van Steenbergen <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> This is really sad news! I had the pleasure – and honour – to meet Roger in person last year in Amsterdam, together with Christophe and (Christophe's) Jan. A lovely afternoon it was. 
> What struck me was how small and fragile he was, despite him being such a giant in the world of conlangs. Before that, I had known him for over twelve years, as he was one of the 
> regulars of this list when I joined, and kept being one long after I ceased being one myself. He was an eminent conlanger, an excellent linguist, but before all a friendly, kind man – 
> the sort of person no one could ever dislike. He will be missed! 

> Fortunately, we still have his oeuvre, which is a real treasure. I sincerily hope it will survive him by centuries, and it would be created if the LCS could be of help in that. 

> And to you, Roger: safe journey! Until we meet again! 

Just delurking to also offer my condolences. I know I've had a couple interactions with Roger over the years. Apart from the conlangs, he also created some interesting conculture!

Until we meet again!