On 20/10/2015 19:22, Matthew George wrote:
> I vote we establish Sid-L, the list devoted to Sid's
> preferences ...

I wondered what they were.  So I looked back and guess what
I found?

Our Sid had taken part in the "Loglan, Lojban and the
perfect language" thread (a spin off from "aaS is simpler
paaS") not just once - not twice or thrice - but FIVE times.

Not bad from someone who claims loglang discussions are
annoying      :-D

"Ein Kopf, der auf seine eigenen Kosten denkt,
wird immer Eingriffe in die Sprache thun."
[J.G. Hamann, 1760]
"A mind that thinks at its own expense
will always interfere with language".