I noticed a problem with my recent Jarda translation of "Bring Me To 
Life". I thought it would be a good idea to go through Rick Harrison's 
Universal Language Dictionary to fill in gaps in the Jarda vocabulary. 
One of the first words I came to is "before", which was in my dictionary 
as "pṛajê". But when I looked at the derivation, I realized that would 
mean "preceded by". That's not a huge problem ... I'll just replace it 
with "pṛaļa". But wait ... in the song it's followed by a verb. Can 
participles like "pṛajê" or "pṛaļa" be used like that?

I looked through my old Jarda translations and found that these sorts of 
words are always followed by nouns, not other verbs. They're used as 
prepositions but not conjunctions. So I'd need to add a conjunction like 
"zŭ" or rephrase the line to "before my undoing".

pṛaļa zŭ dêbü zi

pṛaļa dêbez zii

Another option is to change the grammar to fit the song, like Marc 
Okrand did with Klingon whenever the actors said the line differently 
than what he'd written....

I considered making a new conjunction "jê" meaning "when". Then I might 
change the -jê suffix to something like -ļê or -ņê to avoid confusion, 
or I might just leave it to context. And maybe the passive participle of 
"pṛa" is just "pṛaa" instead of "pṛaļa".

pṛaa jê dêbü zi

But in this case, since the line in the song originally had six 
syllables in English, I decided to change the translation to "pṛaļa zŭ 
dêbü zi" and rerender the song.