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> I've been trying to figure out how intonation works in KhangaÞyagon.
> What else do I need to think about?

I suppose that for magic spells, rhythm and tune matters more than

For intonation proper there is:

1. The formation of intonation phrases and the location of the points of
prosodic prominence, which interact with both phonology and syntax.

2. The tonemic or pitch patterns that get overlaid on the IPs. If anybody
understands how this really works, their understanding certainly hasn't
become general knowledge, and myself I am pretty baffled by the role of
tone in intonation. But at the level of crude simulation, you could just
associate certain pitch patterns with some very broad and abstract meanings
(such as "incompleteness" or "this is not something I would assent to the
truth of", and so forth).