Den 2015-10-22 kl. 15:15, skrev R A Brown:
> Your own people's foundation in myth in verse - now that's a
> thought!

I once started the Sohlçan creation myth in alliterative prose.
Alas it didn't get too far because both vocabulary and grammar 
come only painfully to me.  That's why I seek refuge in Romlangs,
langs with 90% Middle Indo-Aryan loan vocab and 10% bad puns and 
the like.

> I so often wish Tolkien's Silmarillion had
> been a verse epic in Quenya,

That makes two of us, although I would rather have seen the 
Sindarin version! :-)

> instead of the (disappointing
> to me) posthumous publication by Christopher Tolkien  {sigh}.

Ditto. The only excuse for it is that JRRT actually thought of his 
prose version (partially published in _The History of 
Middle-Earth_ and in some ways much richer tho unfinished) to be 
Bilbo Baggins's compendium of the Elvish originals. Alas what we 
got was a compendium of the compendium.

Já Goldurir týlir dúfninn á ortuðr teyr slassir vá Hurðullum gó 
mjóm, Leykrum, øn ungir kvjantar nár núfnjaðr firjaðr tullir.