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>Color terms in Kgáweqʼ are transitive verbs.
>ʕóstoɁ "white"
>Ɂǫdáq "red"
>qǒʕ "yellow"
>ƛál "green"
>kgǐsǝt "blue, black"

Curious, given that colours are pretty close to epitomic "adjective-like" senses.  Does Kgáweqʼ eschew intransitives overall and go for transitive of this type?  Or is there another reason for it?

>Using the success affix with this verb instead denotes how much of that
>color an object is. 

>woɁ- [...] success
>t- [...] partial.success
>kʼ- [...] barely
>ą [...] failure
>s- [...] catastrophic.failure

That's a remarkably short system of affixes!-- especially as compared to your third-person agreement markers.  Can you give some other (felicitous, Griceanly natural) examples of things they're used for?