Hi everyone,

I'm experimenting with using tei:taxonomy to create a set of taxonomies
both project-specific (invented by me) and pulling from external sources
(e.g., Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus). I'm stymied because there
doesn't seem to be a native way to point from terms (tei:category) to a uri
defining an eternally defined term. So I'm doing this:

  <taxonomy xml:id="c" xmlns="">
    <bibl>Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus</bibl>
      <catDesc>Physical descriptors</catDesc>
      <category xml:id="c.300011851">
      <category xml:id="c.300014179">
      <category xml:id="c.300210143">
        <catDesc>Insular majuscule</catDesc>
      <category xml:id="c.300210146">
        <catDesc>Insular minuscule</catDesc>

Where the long number in the tei:category/xml:id is the ID number of the
term within the AAT, and I can use that to construct a URI during
processing. But I'd rather have a pointer for the URI (really a URL to the
definition on the AAT website) directly in the encoding.

Is this possible, and I've just overlooked it? Or is there another way to
do this in TEI that's not tei:taxonomy? Is this a potential feature request?



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