Hi, Kevin,

Thanks for making the note.  

One of the action items that resulted from our Board meeting (1 November 2015) is to revisit, consolidate and update procedural documentation.  Elena Pierazzo and I will work on Board-related documentation with possible overlap with conference planning documentation, and Pip Wilcox, Marjorie Burghart, and Emmanuelle Morlock will review conference-related documentation as Program and Local Chairs for this most recent conference/Members’ Meeting.  Though we did note that conference organizers from pervious years should also provide input since local settings present their own particular needs and challenges.  


On Nov 12, 2015, at 9:32 AM, Kevin Hawkins <[log in to unmask]> wrote:


The TEI-C bylaws require that we hold an event called an "Annual Meeting" where the Board of Directors and Technical Council report to the membership on their activities, and where the results of annual elections are reported.  I do like the idea of unofficially calling it a "community meeting", as Peter suggests.

We have a few different documents used to guide the organization of our annual conference that were written at different points in the TEI's history and need to be merged; until someone takes on that task, I've made a note in one of them to include Peter's suggestion.


On 11/11/15 6:29 AM, Piotr Bański wrote:
Hi all,

Let me only point out that my original target was more modest: I only
meant the way to refer to the meeting held on the last day of TEI-MMs
(or whatever you decide to name the yearly events ;-) ). The one with
Council and Board reports, election results, and other fun stuff.
(Speaking of fun: there used to be a lottery once... stickers and
such... myself, I definitely wouldn't want to miss that.)



On 11/11/15 12:33, James Cummings wrote:
Hi all,

I've always tried to distinguish between the "TEI Conference" and the
business meeting and like the term "community meeting". Our website and
discussions often refer to the conference as the 'members meeting',
which I'd like to discourage. While I believe what we're required to
have is an 'Annual General Meeting' (or AGM) open at very least to the
members, I believe it has always been open to everyone regardless of
whether they are members or not.  Anything that we can do to encourage
participation, both in the TEI Conference and TEI Community Meeting
(see, it is catching on already!), is a good thing.


On 11/11/15 11:20, Pierazzo, Elena wrote:
Indeed what a nice name! I’ll make sure that we keep that in mind for
next year.

Le 11 nov. 2015 à 11:09, Peter Stadler <[log in to unmask]> a écrit :

I don’t know whether there are any formal restrictions for a
"Consortium“ to have an annual „Members’ Meeting“, but I like the
idea/sound of a "community meeting“ :)


Am 11.11.2015 um 10:42 schrieb Piotr Bański <[log in to unmask]>:

Hi all,

I think I recall from previous years at least one person mentioning
the last-day session called "Members' Meeting" might alienate those of
the conference participants who registered as non-members or students,
and that it would obviously be a loss. Now, as rightly remarked by
this year, "Business Meeting" is probably not a label that helps ;-)

Perhaps we could come up with a more suitable name for the session,
Vienna onwards.

Does "Community meeting" sound like an option? Any other suggestions?

Thanks and best,