Dear Andrew,

I recently came across the stylesheets of Lombard Press that allow you
to convert a TEI file into a print edition with footnotes via LaTeX:
(See the video for a nice example.)

They might not do exactly what you need, but maybe they provide a
reasonable starting point.


Am 19.11.2015 um 23:42 schrieb Andrew Dunning:
> Dear list,
> Has anyone out there written the XSLT necessary to convert TEI <subst> and <choice> structures into human-readable footnotes? It would be great, for example, to take something like this:
> t<choice><del>ool</del><add place=“above”>ext</add></choice>s
> Then render ‘texts’ in the body, with a footnote reading something to the effect of ‘texts _added above the line_; tools _before correction_’.
> All best,
> Andrew Dunning
> PhD Candidate
> Centre for Medieval Studies
> University of Toronto

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