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Dear all,
the programme for the fourth annual AIUCD conference ("Digital 
humanities and cultural heritage: what relationship?") is now available 
at the URL The invited speakers 
are evenly spread among the three days of the conference: our keynote 
speaker will be Franco Niccolucci, Scientific Director of VAST-LAB 
(PIN-Università di Firenze), coordinator of several European research 
projects in the Digital Cultural Heritage area; we will also have as 
invited speakers Leif Isaksen, Senior Lecturer in History (Digital 
Humanities) at Lancaster University, Caterina Bon, Direttore Generale 
della Direzione Generale “Educazione e Ricerca” of MiBACT, and Davide 
Porporato, researcher in Antropologia at Università degli Studi del 
Piemonte Orientale.

In the AIUCD website, at the address you 
can pay the registration fee for the AIUCD2015 conference. The fees are 
differentiated for associates of AIUCD and not, and senior and junior 
situations. Senior applies to people with a permanent job, junior to 
students or people without a permanent job. You choose according to your 

Warm greetings from the organizing committee, we hope to meet you in 
Turin in December!



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