With regard to #3 and the tagsDecl element, I added some rendition
elements as a (very minor) modification of a set of documents encoded in
TEI Simple and looked for a place where I could make a summary statement
about those rendition elements.  But there isn't an obvious place. I ended
up writing a paragraph to precede tagsDecl in the encodingDesc, but that
isn't optimal. So I could see virtue in an optional p element (or
something like it) at the beginning of tagsDecl. But that may mess up
other things. 

Is there a better solution than the following?

    {child elements}
    <p> here are my reasons for the following rendition elements</p>
       {more rendition elements}

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Subject:  Re: foliation - manuscript linking - list of elements

1. There is ongoing discussion in the technical council and the ms sig
about structuring the content of the foliation element better, but for the
moment nothing precise has been agreed. See discussion under the subject
on the ms sig list last week.

2. The surrogates element could be used to indicate any other digital or
non digital edition of the ms being described. Alternative metadata
records might be included or refrenced recordHist if they are part of the
source for your ms Desc

3. The tagsDecl element is provided for this purpose. But if you prefer to
use encodingDesc you might find it easier to use the girls element to tag
element names rather than a c data section.

Hope this helps!

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From: David Gniffke
Date:2015/11/24 22:04 (GMT+00:00)
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Subject: foliation - manuscript linking - list of elements

Dear list,
for a project dealing with a digital edition of a french fifteenth-century
treatise on obsequies, we need (as starters in this issue) some help
regarding three questions:
1. As far as we know, the element <foliation> works with prose. Is there
any preferred option to articulate in a machine processing way (e.g. with
attributes) the
 foliation/pagination and the full number of folio/pages of a volume?
2. We would like to set links to digitised manuscripts and catalogue
descriptions in the <msDesc>, as part of the header. The combination
<locus facs=³http....³/>
 seems to relate only to a specific page of a digitised manuscript. How do
we express a linking to a full digitised manuscript or an online catalogue
description in a most convenient and common way?
3. As part of the header and introduction of the edition, we would like to
list the elements used with a short explanation as part of the
<encodingDesc>, in order
 to keep the work transparent for users. There is no suggestion in the TEI
Guidelines. Is it completely uncommon or is there already an established
way doing this? We tried a structure containing <p>, <list>, <item> and
We would be pleased and thankful if you had an advice for one or even all
For more information about our project, see
- Project (German):
- Blog Post with English summary:
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Best regards,
David Gniffke
(and supervisor Prof. Thorsten Hiltmann)
David Gniffke, M.A.
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
Lehrstuhl für Mittelalterliche Geschichte III
Domplatz 20-22
48143 Münster
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