Many locations have moved to using either Epi-Pen or Epi-Pen Jr. for
treatment of anaphylaxis to avoid administration errors.

The Pediatric Section on Allergy and Immunology published comments in 2007
and addressed the issue by recommending Epi-Pen Jr for 10-25 kg and Epi Pen
for greater than 25kg. (Pediatrics 2007;119;638)

The use of Epi-Pen Jr in children less than 10kg is finessed in the article
(many clinicians do it for safety reasons but the decision should be made
on a case-by-case basis - whatever that means).

My questions for the groups:

Are you routinely using the autoinjectors for over 10kg

What are you doing for less than 10kg?

Rick Place
Fairfax VA

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