Dear Colleagues

Emergency Department crowding now a days is inevitable. If patients are not crashing after triaged, they are advised to wait for an available bed in order to be examined. A lot of discussion and debate from either PEM staff or consulted services stating, “We cannot see the patient unless he/she is on a bed”!
My question to the group is:
1- Is there any data supporting “patient cannot be seen until there is physically abed”.
2- From the legal perspective are we bound to be legal for patients whom are on the waiting area waiting to have bed?
3- Since we have duty toward all ED registered patients. Is this considered break of duty if we do not attend them until they are physically on a bed?

I appreciate if I can get your response so we can all share it together.

Mohammed Alomar. MD.
Deputy Chairman and PEM consultant
Department of Emergency Medicine
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
Saudi Arabia
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