Day 4: anq [a-nE], causative verb. To plan or design. Takes a Cause as 
Source, a Result as Intermediate, and an Actor as Destination.
Example: sanqd {they} {air leak} {new spacesuit}. This would mean that 
because of an air leak, they had designed a new spacesuit.
unyc [V-ne-M], noun. A plan or a design.
unyi [V-ne-I], noun. A reason (for a plan).
uny [V-ne], noun. A planner or a designer.

The first root verb I've done for Lexember, so I worked though the whole 
thing and its derivative nouns.

Day 6: bero [bi-r\7], subjective verb. To leak.
birct [bI-r\Mt], noun. A leak.

Day 7: simuhix [sI-mV-hIS], noun. A spacesuit.

Now I can complete the sentence!

sanqd zuky waberod kcti rolek simuhixu
[sa-nEd zV-ke wa-bi-r\7d kM-tI r\7-lik sI-mV-hI-SV] they.D ADJ-I.leak.PASTPERFECT air.S 
ADJ-D.changed.PASTIMPERFECT spacesuit-I