First Khangaþyagon word
halmur: a heavy woolen cloak, fastened with a belt, sash or cord.

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> Géarthnuns: béöbötnéöbs [beˌøbøtneˈøbs] n. gate-crasher, uninvited guest 
Nice choice!

1. curuwestein: in gen., to begin some natural process (flowers budding, seedlings sprouting); to begin a story In the Accustomed Manner; of persons, to begin some noble endeavour; of queens, to begin their reign

lestaroam : elesasipara a-curullemiluw versen-nimanya rinccas : apasesingara mandorrom-mulmaliyel ronu-derrí salambas : and-yiriellem curuwestam.

EVID : from-there-to-here-towards-from-outside-to-inside RECENT.PAST-girl-ERG arrive-PERF : oaken.log-NAME RECENT.PRESENT-she sit-PERF : ray-ray, na-tqanam PRES-queen-ABS

I know because I saw it! The girl arrived at the Queen's House from outside away; then she sat down upon the Oaken Stool; surely in this way the Queen begins her reign!

Note: in the Westmarche, a Daine queendom, there is no fancy throne, no crown or jewels. Once a Great Queen is elected, acclaimed and passes the Test of the Mace, she enters the Queen's House and, in the main hall, sits down upon a very simple oaken stool. Once seated, she is now considered Queen of the realm and will now assume the traditional posture  (sitting up straight, ankles crossed (left before right), hands on knees, wings spread elegantly behind her) and get on with the queening already.