24þ Khangaþyagon word
ostikh: (v) cure, pickle; (nsubstance) substance used to cure or pickle food; (adj) cured, pickled
ostikhon: curing, pickling

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Lelmadaimo 23:
nael - to say
yal - quotation particle
keta - ending quotation particle

At last, a sentence!

naelkuiwan lerevomo yal gendelkuiwa anillinmo keta.
say.PAST.EVENT 1.tower.CONCRETE.NOM quote stall.PAST.CONT
[PL].wizard.PERSON.NOM end-quote.
"The wizards were fillibustering!" said the tower.

Of course, if the tower is speaking, some might conjugate it as a person,
thus lerelinmo rather than lerevomo