>Jim Henry
>Perhaps it is time to create wiki pages for our language.  Probably on FrathWiki?
>Jon Michael Swift
>>Plus, if I'm doing ped I'd like to be able to house some basic translation exercises in a place near to where the rules are organized for 
>easy reference. Right off we can start building basic sentences that isolate important grammatical phenomenae and get folks used to 
>using them correctly.

Wherever it would be best, Bird will accept. Be sure to post the link.

>Jon Michael Swift
>I'd be happy to take the role of Bear and switch to third person, but I'm happy to do otherwise. 

Welcome to the tribe, Bear of honey-sharing wisdom.

>In the absence of objections, I'll become the tree-climbing, honey-eating/speaking/vomiting one.

Devour the Common Honey; savor its sweetness.

>Jon Michael Swift
>To reiterate an earlier point about the purpose of the language, I'd like to suggest a review of the purpose we wish to fulfill. Different folks 
> have different perspectives but we should make an effort to come together on this sooner than later before the rules begin to ossify. 

Bird agrees. Let us each share our desires.

Bird would like a language and culture that fosters literary creativity, full of florid prose. Greetings and idioms should never feel stale or habitual.

>We've precluded a lot of complexifying features like declension and complex verb tenses, which troubles me a bit in that respect. I think  
> verb development would be one of the most important features of such a language, but now's the time to decide the direction and course >correct.

Since the tribe is scattered geographically but united virtually, Bird suggests a system for conjugating the present tense according to the speaker/writer's time of day. To keep it simple, Bird advises conjugating only for morning (sunrise until noon), afternoon (noon until sunset), and night (sunset until sunrise). 

For discussing events of the past, Bird suggests a sort of ... adjectival(?) system. For example, one would not say, "I went to the store" but instead say, "I last-nightfully go to the store" or "I after-workfully go to the store".

As a cultural artifact of the tribe, Bird also proposes we have our own calendar. This will build tribal cohesion and deepen the mythmaking.