That's great.  But the big danger on a bike is just after the VM parkway lot, with that hill leading to the intersection of VM Parkway and 1st street.  Losing control down that hill could be life threatening.  Whoever did it, well done!  But everyone still, please be careful if the hill is still snowy or icy.

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To the mysterious operator of the snow blower.

There's a beautifully passable track from the Dairy Bee to the Vet parkway/parking lot. 

AND A perfect strip across the Linear Park.

We all owe this mysterious snow machine wielding saint a coffee, beer or burrito for making the commute so much more manageable.

I did ride from my house north in the Forest tunnel of Riverside. It was pretty rough and bumpy but passable on the CX bike with studded tires. A bit of work but eminently ride-able.

Now to hope this all melts before the next (hopefully dusting) of snow comes again. 

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