Hi Karen,

Welcome to the list.

your questions:
1 - bike path on in is great, I like this route to get the rest of the way
in: has some of the lowest traffic
interactions between the end of the bridge and main campus.

2 - If the tires hold air, just make sure the brakes work and if you're
leaving for home after it gets dark have lights (I'd suggest using a bit of
a thicker lube than WD-40 on the chain, but WD-40 is better than nothing if
that is what you have). Also, If you want an unbiased assessment of the
mechanical stuff I can do that for you (or anyone else on the list)


Last point if you would like to have company for the ride in, myself or
another one of us East Bay Commuters could ride in with you (timing is
always the big factor, we all seem to be on slightly different schedules
riding in).


Geoff Williams
Leduc Bioimaging Facility Manager
Brown University

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> Hello all,
> (I just sent this message, but realized I sent it to the "request"
> address, so I hope this isn't a duplicate.)
> I'm new to the list and just wanted to introduce myself. I haven't
> actually "biked to Brown" yet, but I used to bike to work several years ago
> and have been considering it for awhile. I have a couple of questions that
> I would love to get answered:
>    1. I live in Barrington, not far from the bike path. Is there anything
>    I need to know or be aware of before I take the plunge and just try biking
>    in one morning? What route do people recommend to get up the hill?
>    2. I have a good hybrid bike that I used to use to bike to work, but
>    haven't ridden in probably three years (due to pregnancy and babies,
>    mostly). Aside from filling the tires up with air and putting some WD-40 on
>    all the moving parts, is there anything else I should check before riding
>    it?
> Thank you all — I've very glad to find this list!
> ~Karen
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