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>journey before their task is complete. This being said, Bear proposes that a time be set at which the banner of a fallen tribesman may be taken up by another ere the task grow stale and stymied before it is full-wrought.

Bee tentatively suggests that after we have not heard from a tribe
member for two weeks, we seek a replacement to take up their role.

> Bear also encourages his tribesfolk to hasten to the completion of the creation myth with all due speed, as it may serve as a critical foundation to other tasks.

To make a myth one requires words, and to make words one needs to know
what patterns those words can have.  The phonotactics and
self-segregating morphology of Sajem Tah (if that is to be its name)
are as yet undecided; Bee made proposals, the swift feathered one
implicitly proposed a modification, Bee proposed another change, Rain
proposed several more, Bee counter-proposed some slight modificiations
to Rain's changes.  No one else has yet commented on Rain and Bee's
most recent proposals.

Please, all you prospective eaters of our common honey, make your
voices heard in this matter.  We cannot remake the words which will
need changes or make new words until we can decide this most
fundamental of yet-undecided questions.

Bee re-summarizes his most recent proposal, an amendment to Rain's proposal:

1. Root words are to consist of zero or more C(C)V syllables followed
by a C(C)VC syllable, containing a restricted subset of vowels.

2. Suffixes and particles are to consist of one (C)V(C) syllable using
the other vowels not used in content roots.

3. The final consonant of a syllable can only be a nasal or unvoiced plosive.

4. If a syllable begins with a consonant cluster, the first consonant
must be a fricative and the second a nasal at more or less the same
point of articulation.  E.g. fm-, vm-, sn-, zn-, shn-, thn-, etc.

Is this pleasing to the tribe (particularly to Rain)?  Does anyone
have preferences about which vowels are to occur in roots and which in
suffixes and particles, or an alternate solution to the problems with
Rain's initial proposal?

Jim Henry