For the final set of Lexember words, I'm borrowing my favorite words 
from other people's Lexember lists and creating the sczyn words for them.

Day 28: hchidip [hM-hI-dIp]. Noun. Hydroponics tank. Part of a 
hydroponics system used to contain the growing plants and aquatic 
animals. Inspired by Taliesin's tankfish.

Day 29: ma [ma]. Descriptive verb. To sleep or rest. Inspired by Pete 
Bleackley's word for insufficient sleep.

Day 30: vidyz [vI-dez] Noun. Event that occurs periodically. Inspired by 
Daniel Swanson's word for recurring event and an already existing sczyn 
word, tydyg, meaning an event that occurred once and was expected to 
happen again, but that did not.

Day 31:cbid [M-bId] Noun. Smoke. Inspired by Christophe's word for