>Jon Michael Swift
>This being said, Bear proposes that a time be set at which the banner of a fallen tribesman may be taken up by another ere the task grow 
> stale and stymied before it is full-wrought.

Concurs with Bear's proposal does Bird. 

>Jim Henry 
>Bee tentatively suggests that after we have not heard from a tribe member for two weeks, we seek a replacement to take up their role.

Bird proposes that every role should have an understudy, perhaps several, who can continue the work of the absent tribe member. When the member returns, they may approve or veto the understudy's work. In the cases of never returning or a conflict between understudy and returning member, the changes will be voted by the whole tribe.

>Is this pleasing to the tribe (particularly to Rain)?  Does anyone have preferences about which vowels are to occur in roots and which in 
> suffixes and particles, or an alternate solution to the problems with Rain's initial proposal?

To the wisdom of Rain and Thunder does Bird defer. If they are absent, then to the collective.

>Jon Michael Swift
>Bear has decided that it shall be taboo for him to speak of matters in which he is not learned

"While the wise are often silent, is silence often wise?" Bird ponders.
As to the rest of the message, Bird agrees with Bear's suggestions.

>Scott Hamilton
>So I'd like to offer up the mantle of Rain to one who would be able to shower the tribe more frequently. I'd like to retain in the tribe as an 
> Ant, however, as I see the tribe flourishing if properly managed, and I'd like to be around somehow.

Bird shall welcome you as any form you take, O Rain or Ant.