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> Bird proposes that Common Honey should have a succinct word that for what it known as "the doorway effect" in English.

gjâ-zym-byn has a word of similar meaning, {gwĕ'vu}, "forgetting what
one was doing midway through a task".  There are words derived from it
for phenomena like absentmindedly missing a turn while driving.

> Is "vithit" an acceptable root? If so, Bird shall be called "vithit" in Common Honey.

The swift feathered one has constructed well.

> Bird proposes "cehsh" for the particle indicating the following is a nonce word.

Bee proposes:

slah -- particle indicating the following word is being used in a new sense

thom -- particle linking a nonce word or word used in a new sense with
its gloss or definition

cehsh sulslem thom "nectar" znolcfeh kizhult.

Jim Henry