Thefnolm, after pondering the matter of relating the names of animals to functional words, is more excited about the idea than he was before. He does, of course, wonder to himself if it should be possible to create a world in which such equivalency is not only extant put expedient?

That being said, Thefnolm is wondering if it has been decided if Sajem Tan is prefixing, suffixing? Thefnolm recommends circumfixes and infixes because he gets excited by the simple stuff. 

Specifically, to make a verb out of a noun such as an animal name, Thefnolm wonders if the the circumfix eh--osh or eh--ozl could be used?

Thefnolm - Bear
Ehthefnolmosh - to teach

or alternately an infix such as -eh could break the cluster?

Thefehnolm - to teach