After several years of taking a break, it looks like I'm regaining an 
interest in conlanging.  One thing that happened was a loss of most of 
my conlang materials (I'll never trust any cloud services again!) What 
little remains are those that I had posted online so Sasxsek, Deini 
(however incomplete), OGL (just beginning), and a few others that didn't 
get much past the conceptual stage anyway.

Sasxsek isn't likely to see much more development.  Hindsight being 
20/20, I can see doing a few things differently if I had it to do over, 
and maybe I eventually will do just that.

Deini is ongoing but slowly though the documentation could use some updates.

The main project at the moment is OGL (Omniglossa Language) which isn't 
so much a conversational language but a means of indexing semantic 
concepts for the multilingual dictionary, Omniglossa which is something 
that has been slowly built up over a period of over 30 years now. 
Though long since surpassed in scope by other works like Wiktionary and 
Logos, neither of them are cross-indexed well which it what OGL hopes to 
achieve. Also I hope to ultimately include conlang vocabularies which 
are mostly banned from Wiktionary with a couple of obvious exceptions.

So far OGL is still in the early design stages.  What I'm planning is 
basically a head-first loglang with morphemes based on English 
mnemonics.  Originally I was thinking of 4-letter mnemonics but I'm not 
sure this will be practical though I like the advantages of a fixed 
format for indexing and readability.

♂ DN