Culjimmeht -- an ant colony ...or an infestation of ants. 

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> I don't know of others except Skype. If the video actually works then it suffices.

The last time Bee attempted to install Skype on his computer (when invited to be a guest on Conlangery), it did not work.  However, Bee can try again.  Bee should also buy a microphone, which will be useful for recording and uploading conlang samples even if Skype still does not work.

Bee suggests that we also consider IRC chat.

Words for the day:

snym -- cloud

-meht -- suffix: plenitude, surfeit, excess

snymmeht -- cloudy, overcast

thefammeht -- rocky, stony

gamykmeht -- full of trees

Bee invites the tribe to consider what secondary senses these words might accrue.

Jim Henry