Ages ago (I'm guessing 1999), "Proletariat of the world, unite!" was a 
translation exercise here. It's so old it's not in the archives at 
Brown, and it's those years I've lost the archives of. (If anyone with 
old archives can figure out when it made the rounds, I'd be grateful. 
Link to search for: 
Probable author: Frank George Valoczy)

This was before I stated storing any Taruven stuff in version control. 
Version control claims the oldest saved attempt at the translation is 
from 2007, but I doubt that is correct since "avāren" is from 
1999-05-25, at least until I've checked the first version control system 
I used for Taruven, a CVS-repo.

At the same time "avāren" popped up in the dictionary, there's the verb 
"varenn": to order someone about, "vren", which is one way of marking an 
imperative, and "va-", which is the other. All on the same day but no 
timestamp, so I don't know which one turned up first and pulled in the 

"ä-", which turns a verb into a noun of the object of the verb; for 
instance "teì": love, "äteì" > "adeì": beloved; is first recorded in 
2001-03-31. However, "areša": "an answer" is from 1999-07-07 and 
"ariel": "a message" is from 1999-04-15 so "ä-" has to be older than 
2001. An "avāren" is somebody who is ordered about. "ävarennenn" would 
also be somebody who is ordered about, in the low register, so 
con-timeline "avāren" is a high-register, old word.

Last week's word was "avār", to work, synchronically a back-formation of 
"avāren". The object of "avār" is an occupation. "(sā) avār hryssennaþ" 
is "I work as an artist". There is also (the our-timeline older) "(sā) 
hryssenn": "I am an artist".

I store my dictionary in Shoebox/Toolbox. It has a field "\dt" for when 
an entry was last changed, and early on I started using "\dn" for when a 
word was first added. This christmas I converted version control systems 
from subversion to git, and in so doing I tried to back-fill and correct 
the "\dn"-fields. Earlier I converted to subversion from the cvs-repo, 
so it looks like I'll have to back-fill from the cvs-repo to find out 
what came first, our timeline: the worker, the imperative, the prefix, 
or ordering someone about.

Morale of the story:

* keep backups
* use version control (consistently)
* make notes of how a word came about our timeline, to easier spur 
creativity for new/derived words
* translations matter: if the first thing you translate is the Babel 
text, you'll have words for brick, tower, and scatter before you have 
words for stone, mountain and walk. Or in my case, a word for 
"proletariat" (avārenaì) before a word for "people".