On 25/02/16 08:31, Logan Kearsley wrote:

> The major problem that I see needing to be solved is parenthesization;

You can try to look at lojban (generally and for this problem).

Also: complex code may be hard to dictate and forth is difficult for other
reasons (RPN is not so easy and you should track items on the stack).

I suppose that a solution could be "defining" blocks of code, say:

call this "foo" begin
do this
do that

call this "bar" begin
read a
if a then foo else abort
do thistoo

for i in array v do bar with i-th from v

This can be *like* function definition but short scope.

> combinator-based language (like FORTH, or the non-programming-language
> conlang Fith) would be the best base, on top of which "idiomatic"

Perhaps Prolog and other logical languages too can be examined.

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