>Jon Michael Swift 
>Can Asher supply a suitable name, either by choosing from the available root list or inventing and using the phonotactic validator? 

On the topic of the phonotactic validator, it rejects "thefnolm". It seems that either the word needs to be changed or the validator needs to be fixed. Bird is inclined toward the latter.

Here is a list of what Thunder and Bird decided after the video chat ended.

xulkat - fun; grammar; climbing; the enjoyment of challenges

zlislym - creepy; skeleton

gajin - pure awe

muhshim - to be cool/awesome (v)

kahf - suffix for "energetic" and/or "coffee"

jafinmeht - melodramatic

thehs - 1st person singular inanimate
vuzh - 2nd person singular inanimate
zozl - 3rd person singular inanimate

sehth - 1st person singular animate
zhuv - 2nd person singular animate
zloz - 3rd person singular animate

ah - pluralizing suffix

We should have a poetic form for words to make even boring documents/discussions interesting.
We should also have a suffix for "pet", so that any given animal (or even noun) can be marked as a pet.