>Daniel Swanson
>I added "fn" and "vn" as an acceptable clusters and updated the link on the wiki page.

For your efforts, Bird thanks you.

On the subject of words, Bird notices that even for an agglutinative language Sajem Tan words may become dauntingly long. Is this a feature we wish to embrace or should we find a way to make shorter sentences? 

This shall affect our native writing system as well. Human laziness will cause us to abbreviate long strings of syllables until it begins to form some sort of logographic system. Should we address this or let it develop?

>> We should have a poetic form for words to make even boring documents/discussions interesting.
>Please elaborate.

Bird opines that we need a way to make mundane small-talk and instruction manuals more flowery, perhaps to the point of purple prose. Bird would suggest that we use some sort of suffix or conjugation, but we already have more than enough of those. 

Perhaps, this can only be handled through pragmatics and stylistics. In that case, Bird defers to River's knowledge.


Bird directs the tribes attention to our discussion concerning circumfixes. What should we decide?

Lastly, Bird requires either your Skype name or some way to contact you in real time so we can have chat conferences.