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> TL;DR: Thunder, Bird and River have had Skype catchups the last two
> weekends, mostly discussing cultural details like calendars, counting,
> and flags. Below is a summary, reorganised for coherency. Items *in stars*
> require
> tribal feedback / voting.
> Here is a compilation of all flag proposals thus far:
> *Please announce your preferences*. Mix-and-match votes also welcome
> (e.g. "Layout of #7, with colour scheme of #3, and hexagon styling of

#15, #8, #11

> *How should we refer to individual letters?* One idea was to append a
> vowel,
> similar to Esperanto. A more fun suggestion was to use names that describe
> the
> appearance of the glyphs, e.g. flower/clover, clam/peach/eye/seed, wave,
> snail.

I had thought of naming them with words that began with the sound (though
this presents difficulties for non-root vowels).

Perhaps this could be combined with the appearance suggestion?

> *How should the alphabet be ordered?* One proposal was root vowels,
> followed by
> plosives, nasals, approximants, particle vowels, and final consonants.

We could also order them using the numbers I gave them before assigning
values, though this does have the downside of not being at all meaningful.

> There's currently no way to count in Sajem Tan.
> River floated the idea of a base-6 (
> counting
> system, in line with the tribe's fondness for hexagons. There were some
> concerns that a non-decimal system might be confusing, but that it could
> worth
> a try. Online base converters may be helpful. *What say the rest of the
> tribe?*

I have no objections to using a different base system, and 6 would
certainly be easier than my experiments with 7.

> Number words will need to be invented. Stone will need to craft
> numerals.
> Many details of the calendar are still in flux, but the core features are:
>  * Inspired by the Mayan long count calendar
>  * Not locked to any real-world cycles (e.g. sun, moon, Earth's orbit)
>  * Year consists of 360 days (like degrees in a circle)
>  * Two overlaid month systems:
>    - Nine long months of 40 days, named after the mythic roles
>    - Twelve short months of 30 days, each day named after a letter of the
> alphabet
>    - Pretty graphic from Thunder for long months:
> Less-concrete features:
>  * 6 day weeks
>  * Days correspond to the mythic Ants
>  * 6 seasons (each is two short months long)
>  * 36 seconds in a minute; 36 minutes in an hour; 36 hours in a day
>  * 6^6 = 46656 seconds in a day
> Details yet to be worked out:
>  * Day length:
>    - Fixing the length of a 'honey day' to a real day results in long
> seconds
>      (1 'honey second' = ~1.85s)
>    - Fixing the length of a 'honey second' to a real second results in
> short days
>      (12.96 hours)
>    - Define our own base unit, and work from there?
>    - Bird suggested average length of a thunderclap as possible base unit.
>  * River will try to write a converter for whatever system is chosen
>  * The points where the long and short months sync up could be special
>    days (this would divide a year into trimesters)
>  * Start date: suggestions included the timestamp of the first Common
>    email, the undefined point in the future where the language is declared
> 'finished',
>    and 01/01/2016.

Looks good to me! Once details are settled I will do my best to provide a

Personally, I think the first email would be the best starting point.

>  * Xaxat = "to laugh"
>  * "spoiled honey" = "swearing"

How would one say "spoiled".

How would one say "How would one say ___?"

>  * Stone's story is super impressive

Thank you.

>  * River to put together a Memrise course to help the rest of us learn the
> vocab.


>  * An illuminated manuscript of the finished creation myth would be

I was considering attempting such a thing.