The prefixes/suffix thing actually was inspiration from a friend's conlang
(well, two friends used a similar model, really; 2 different languages, one
video game series: the Sheikian creator is letting me use his for another
piece I am writing that uses *Ehen*í*v *more than 'Author's Native
Language, but translated into another by her guide' and it looks like
English to the reader. Long story. I'll save for another email).

I really wanted to use a similar formula for *Conlang With No Name*.

I *tested* Sheikian about 9 years ago. I saw for myself that that
particular model worked and also even sounded nice when spoken (I have
several *clips* of myself and the creator speaking the language that I show

I was in a sort of *mini-unofficial-Conlang group* in my younger years. I
knew these two lads from it. We all made *fan-languages from Legend of
Zelda* (I hear the Kokiri creator has been itching to get back to it when
she gets some more free time) and compared notes. Lots of fond memories!

I digress...

*Word order*: I have *noun* and then *verb*.

Like in my example *Hapen'kh lu'mai'id* (Cat (female) Sleeping).
Technically, with that, you needn't (anyway, that is how I'd like it to be
structured) utilise *to be* (*is* would be the form of *to be* used for
this particular case). *The female cat is sleeping*.

I find my model is more like *French* in that way(minus the use of proper
sentence structure, *gender* and conjugation of verbs based on case)
Despite how good I am with French: I do not wish to copy it in the ways
I've listed for a conlang. But, perhaps I would only copy *noun gender*,
but, again: this is more like the Sheikian model where it would be *optional
*to specify one's gender, unless it's really necessary.

Where Sheikian says *female+ [noun] *(Fam'lufau or Wolfess), CWNN (Conlang
With No Name, let's call it, for now) would be [*Noun] + female *(*hapen'kh*
 or *female cat*)

The model I based it off of (Sheikian) was a *simpler language* (yet, very
brilliantly crafted and complex in its own way!), however, the creator used *to
be*(*b**éa*), etc where I don't. (for the Sheikian example, I'll use a
different *animal*, since he doesn't have a word for *cat*)

*Madec'cer* (sleep+ 'cer suffix which indicates *verb* *progression*)
*Lufau* (Wolf). He does *Verb* and then *noun* (much like you would see in

But one might write *sleeping wolf* differently if used in a proper
sentence for Sheikian: *Mar'lufau b**é**a** madec'cer* (The wolf is

*Conlang With No Name**, it remains unchanged. *The phrase *Hapen'kh
lu'mai'id* speaks for itself (my cat hates it when I pass by her and
say 'Hapen'kh
lu'mai'id!')  *Simpler*.

That isn't to say the *people who speak CWNN* are *simple-minded*! They
just prefer to *keep it simple*. While the rest of the word has spaceships
and transporter beams, etc (anyway, they don't know what the rest of the
universe has, technology-wise and nor do they care): they prefer a simpler,
more peaceful existence. They make due, are happy about it and that is all
that matters to them.

The language is in a *foetal* *stage* (is that what you would call it?)
After 12 years of *nonstop Ehe**n*í*v*(save for freshman
year of Uni: I was jotting it down, but after that: *homework, homework,
homework! *and then *work, work, work*...): I find creating a new conlang
quite difficult, because I have to keep myself from reverting to Ehenív
(even writing/speaking *Pirate Dialect* for demo videos is hard after
working for so long on *Desert Dialect*).

Though I do find *Huttese* a good basis for *pronouns*(despite it literally
being considered *gibberish* and not an actual Conlang)*. *chufasu* *(LOL
in Ehenív).

We'll see what happens when it develops more.

Tisala'e! (Cheers!),

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> Are you going to use linguistics books to flesh out the language?
> Interesting prefixes after the root word. What is the word order?
> How many pronoun cases?
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> > Hallo conlangers!
> >
> > On 15.04.2016 19:56, Logan Kearsley wrote:
> >
> >> Congratulations! Sometimes I kinda wish I had the discipline to work
> >> on just one language for 12 years.
> >
> > I have been working on Old Albic for about 15 years now, though with
> > some dabbling in other conlangs, including some related ones (not to
> > forget other leisure activities). And I am still working on Old Albic.
> > The lexicon still needs a lot of work, texts are to be written, and I
> > occasionally even make new discoveries in syntax.
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