About a month ago, I finally got a fresh, *new* idea for a conlang! I'm
quite excited about getting to do more work on it,  too.

It took* 12 years *for me to finally get enough creativity to come up with
something, new and different.

I finally stopped *obsessing* over *Va Ehen**í**v*! (big step for me!)

It has no name, as of yet, also, it is not very well developed, but, again:
I look forward to working on it, more. Maybe give it a name, someday.

I got the idea to make it, because I wanted to write an original story and
use a *non-Legend-of-Zelda* based conlang.

In fact: it's not based on anything: it's just something I came up with. No
association to video games, books, or films. It's all *original*.
(Apologies for *patting myself on the back* for this...I'm just really
happy that I actually *do* have a creative bone in my body!)

Here is what I have so far. A bit of an outline of it...



   Heavy use of pre/suffixes (drawing from Sheikian--another LOZ fan-made
   language a friend created about 10 years ago-- and Ancient Hylian language)
   to stress tense of a verb or for genderising nouns (animate objects)

   No genderised nouns (inanimate French/Spanish stuff, here!)

   Simple alphabet! (no IPA. Roman Alphabet)

*Example: *

*hapen’kh  lu’mai’id (hah-pen loo my-eed)*

hapen = Cat(‘kh’ being female)  and mai’id  = to sleep  (‘lu’ being ‘ing’)

Sleeping (female) cat.

Suffixes in English are put at front of words! Prefixes after words

-Lu’ = -ing ending (suffix)

-’Kh = female (nouns; only applies to animate objects)

-’Ra = male

-Fi’ = plural

-Bo’ = ‘-ed/d ending(past tense)

-Ry’ = Future tense

That's all I have, right now. I did make a recording of the example and it
works very well when spoken (just like my baby, *Va Ehen**í**vi). *

However, I do plan to work more with *Va Ehen**í**v* (I have a few fans and
followers of the language and its blog: they would be sad if I neglected
it, despite its completion).

Tisala'e! (Cheers!),