TL;DR: Thunder, Bird and River have had Skype catchups the last two
weekends, mostly discussing cultural details like calendars, counting,
and flags. Below is a summary, reorganised for coherency. Items *in stars*
tribal feedback / voting.


Here is a compilation of all flag proposals thus far:
*Please announce your preferences*. Mix-and-match votes also welcome
(e.g. "Layout of #7, with colour scheme of #3, and hexagon styling of #9").


*How should we refer to individual letters?* One idea was to append a fixed
similar to Esperanto. A more fun suggestion was to use names that describe
appearance of the glyphs, e.g. flower/clover, clam/peach/eye/seed, wave,

*How should the alphabet be ordered?* One proposal was root vowels,
followed by
plosives, nasals, approximants, particle vowels, and final consonants.


There's currently no way to count in Sajem Tan.

River floated the idea of a base-6 (
system, in line with the tribe's fondness for hexagons. There were some
concerns that a non-decimal system might be confusing, but that it could be
a try. Online base converters may be helpful. *What say the rest of the

Number words will need to be invented. Stone will need to craft appropriate


Many details of the calendar are still in flux, but the core features are:
 * Inspired by the Mayan long count calendar
 * Not locked to any real-world cycles (e.g. sun, moon, Earth's orbit)
 * Year consists of 360 days (like degrees in a circle)
 * Two overlaid month systems:
   - Nine long months of 40 days, named after the mythic roles
   - Twelve short months of 30 days, each day named after a letter of the
   - Pretty graphic from Thunder for long months:

Less-concrete features:
 * 6 day weeks
 * Days correspond to the mythic Ants
 * 6 seasons (each is two short months long)
 * 36 seconds in a minute; 36 minutes in an hour; 36 hours in a day
 * 6^6 = 46656 seconds in a day

Details yet to be worked out:
 * Day length:
   - Fixing the length of a 'honey day' to a real day results in long
     (1 'honey second' = ~1.85s)
   - Fixing the length of a 'honey second' to a real second results in
short days
     (12.96 hours)
   - Define our own base unit, and work from there?
   - Bird suggested average length of a thunderclap as possible base unit.
 * River will try to write a converter for whatever system is chosen
 * The points where the long and short months sync up could be special event
   days (this would divide a year into trimesters)
 * Start date: suggestions included the timestamp of the first Common Honey
   email, the undefined point in the future where the language is declared
   and 01/01/2016.

 * Xaxat = "to laugh"
 * "spoiled honey" = "swearing"
 * Stone's story is super impressive
 * River to put together a Memrise course to help the rest of us learn the
 * An illuminated manuscript of the finished creation myth would be awesome.

On Sat, 16 Apr 2016 at 00:09 Daniel Swanson <[log in to unmask]>

> Assuming I remember correctly, the gloss should be something like
> manum solm thneduht
> thank.GNO fast silence
> The Fast Silence Thanks
> nymem kizhultzheh tetanahvmeh znenan
> clumsy storyteller.SOURCE Tetan.PL.GEN tale
> A tale of the Tetanah, from a clumsy storyteller
> "fmyvuhksho culjimzhasik."
> make.CONT
> The ant sky is making.
> “theln thefshan zhuhzhuhmda thneduht. sulslemvithitah nanymfeh jit sehah.”
> fast deduced.hearsay fly.PERF silence. nectar.bird.PL dispatch.DUR
> must.NPST 1animate.PL
> I deduce from you statement that the Silence has flown quickly. We must
> dispatch the nectarbirds.
> xaslemfeh Thefamgamyk.
> glide.DUR writing.tree
> Writingtree glided away.
> [I do not entirely recall my intention for Thefamgamyk, so this translation
> may be wrong]
> ***
> zlovmeh zatenym znolcfeh Xulkatsnym.
> 3animate.GEN troop gather.DUR
> Grammarcloud gathered his troop.
> Jelk Shelshelnkizhultdin zatenymvmeh vithit zanum Xulkatsnym. kolthicvmeh
> muhcah fmyvuhkeht zloah. muhshimeht zloah.
> full river.bee.home troop.GEN overseer be.GNO exhaustion.GEN
> community.PL make.HAB 3animate.PL. be-awesome.HAB 3animate.PL
> Grammarcloud was overseer of the Full Riverbeehive troop. They established
> communities of kolthic and were awesome.
> When I get around to writing more, this will hopefully start making a bit
> more sense.