Most people call Friday "BIKE TO WORK DAY"

But hey, isn't that everyday?
Why, yes it is.

Oh hey bike to work month is May?
Wait isn't that every month?
Why, that too is also true.

For the regulars and the converted and those who just can't imagine work
without riding to and from it, I've been mentally calling the day
Celebrating Biking to Work.

This friday Burnside Park will host a celebration of those who ride to
work. 7-9am

Stop on your way in, grab some coffee, talk to the supporters/sponsors/bike
shops set up there, say hey to those fellow humans who 'get it' and head on

There are going to be some "Bike Trains" headed in from all points.

Check that link for the various starting points and time. I'm one of the
co-conductors of Train 5 from the EBBP, we're likely going to be starting a
bit further south a bit earlier with a pause and official departure from
the top of the hill there on the Parkway (on the map) at 7:25.

See y'all there! (I hope)

Geoff Williams
Leduc Bioimaging Facility Manager
Brown University

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