Yes it is Bike Month, bike to work day is coming up on May 20th, global
bike to work day is May 10th. And May is also the start of the National
Bike Challenge.

If you already log rides with strava this is a one time sign up and will
benefit the community here and that's a good thing.

Requires only creating an account and signing up.

Also please sign up/join the local advocacy community:

Chance to win stuff? Yes. Not a commuter? no big deal. This is an inclusive
everyone who rides a bike (on or off road). The more that participate the
more value it has for advocating for safer cycling and cycling
infrastructure and that's not really a bad thing? no?

If you don't strava you can upload mileage manually. We don't have a
workplace community set up but the local RI Bike is a good place to start.

Geoff Williams
Leduc Bioimaging Facility Manager
Brown University

Bike to Brown discussion list:

Bike to Brown website: