0 Vithit 6, 6 Zlnanic, 7:03:25

> >It was decided that the 'animate' class would be limited to only those
> beings in the kingdom Animalia; other living organisms (plants, fungi,
> Ediacaran
> > biota, etc.) are 'vegetal'
> What about viruses and bacteria?

Bacteria are alive, but not animals, so they would be vegetal. I'm not a
biologist, but my understanding is that viruses are not considered to be
alive, so they would be inanimate. Perhaps someone with expertise in this
area can weigh in?

> >* kol = polar interrogative auxiliary (adjusted post-meeting, when River
> realised that the original form was not a valid auxiliary)
> Unfortunately, it is still phonotactically invalid. Perhaps, "kolk" would
> suffice.

My mistake, I keep thinking they're particles, despite the vowels. 'Kolk'
works for me.

- River