You might find it more relevant to your discussion if you actually read the
source material.  Regardless, I'll elucidate for you: hidden within
transliterated Hebrew appears to be a "cypher" which shows clear
foreknowledge of modern English.  It's pervasive in a subset of words,
those highlighted by religion.

Names of God for instance:

Yes,hu-ah (

In some other names, like the Prophet Elisha we see a correct logical
equality, connecting the respective words for "the" in Spanish and Hebrew.

Both El ( and Ha ( are already
highlighted via very improbable relationships to English.  For instance,
"Ha" is the two letter difference between Abram and Abraham, specifically
highlighted by his contact with God in Genesis.  Unbeknownst to the entire
religious world for thousands of years... is the fact that his nearly
sacrificed sons name, Isaac, means *he laughs.*  Ha, in the religion of
Islam the name of Jesus Christ is "Isa," another connection between the
Cross and the Wood altar that we simply overlook out of .... blindness.

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For similarly striking examples of what I can only describe as *obvious
proof of the intelligent design of language itself.  all language.*

It's a we so me, or perhaps it's your "an us."

-*The Roman God of Heaven*