> Stone's new lexicon tool is a vast improvement over Ctrl-F-ing through
> FrathWiki page, and was praised by all.

It occurred to me that maybe it would be better to store the main part of
the lexicon just in the tool and on the wiki page just have things like
pronouns and participles and numbers.

In the process of adding the new words to the file (here, by the way: I added a
few other words that I thought up:

danec: borrowed, copied, imitated
kagan: hoola-hoop, donut

danectheknoc: the romanization
jegentheknoc: the writing system
kagantheknoc: the cursive form

And I added the senses (and can, of course, remove them if need be):

femek (mind, thought, noetic): deduce, realize, Sherlock Holmes, exclaim
"Elementary, my dear Watson!"
gulslim (nourish): feed, sustain
jaxin (mass-produced chair): schoolroom desk
jikin (wiki): notebook, bulletin board [easily modified communication
nanym (dispatch): send a letter
thethat (wind): breeze
tuln (eye): camera, telescope
vaslnulm (cease): flee
xaslem (glide): move forward on a thin cusion of fluid (air, ketchup,
slime, etc.)
zhuhzhuhm (fly): fly in a straight line / like a bird

> Bacteria are alive, but not animals, so they would be vegetal. I'm not a
> biologist, but my understanding is that viruses are not considered to be
> alive, so they would be inanimate. Perhaps someone with expertise in this
> area can weigh in?

IANAB, but that sounds about right.

After sending this I shall begin updating the wiki page.

keh gamyk vaslnulmfeh zhelt zlislymah tyt kaganahkahm.