On 2016-05-10 12:04 PM, Nicole Valicia Thompson-Andrews wrote:

> I've been communicating with the Conlangery podcast creators about
> diallects and sociolinguistics. Yemora has twelve races, one that
> shits genders, and one that shifts into a feline-like creature called
> a Cutsnea.
> Do I need 12 or 14 dialects?
Neither gender shifting nor shape shifting absolutely requires a 
separate dialect. You need to decide why a separate dialect might make 
sense within your narrative.

The most compelling argument I can think of for a separate dialect for 
the shape shifters, would be if the feline form was unable to pronounce 
the words used by the humanoid form, or vice versa. Each form might 
understand both dialects, but the differences would be more likely 
related to sound, rather than grammar or syntax. In this case, 'dialect' 
probably isn't even the correct term.

For the gender shifters, there would probably be special gender-related 
words used by the entire race, but I believe that natlang gender-related 
dialects tend to be 'secret languages', which wouldn't make much sense 
if one person could be multiple genders. This doesn't mean that you 
couldn't have separate dialects, just that you need to decide why these 
dialects exist in the first place. It is your world, after all. Internal 
consistency generally trumps earth-related correspondence for any 
non-human narrative.

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