Folk-etymologizing is fun, as long as one doesn't get caught up in it and start to believe it. It's part of 
Tolkien's considerable conlanging talent - Orthanc being a case in point.

As a Kiwi I've encountered a fair amount of folk-etymologizing masquerading as serious anthropology 
by a certain set of people who don't think people without compasses and sextants can navigate seas 

Folk-etymologizing can also be characterised as a spectator sport, where one watches some willing 
victim, enthralled by the prospects of their next pratfall ...


Quoting And Rosta <[log in to unmask]>:

> Please could complainants write off-list to me and Alex (who have been
> discussing this matter already), explaining the nature of the complaint
> and
> the action required? I've only been skimming Adam's posts, but they seem
> to
> involve considerable linguistic creativity -- frenzied
> folk-etymologizing
> could be seen as falling under the broad umbrella of conlanging.
> Let me also draw people's attention to an excellent facility that
> Gmail,
> and maybe other mail software, has, which is the option to Mute a
> thread,
> which means it doesn't even turn up in one's inbox. I used it with the
> otherwise-innocent Common Honey thread, which was so copious that even
> the
> effort of archiving it unread was too much of a chore, but mute it and
> bingo it vanishes from sight, beyond all power to in any way annoy.
> --And.
> On 9 May 2016 16:13, "BPJ" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Will the list admins PLEASE step in and do their job? We have now been
> treated to folk etymology and NCNC violations en masse plus insulting
> stereotyping. Let enough be enough!
> måndag 9 maj 2016 skrev Patrik Austin <[log in to unmask]>:
> > Well, now that you mentioned that constructed language stuff, maybe
> > there's a chance you could be invited to speak at the next Language
> > Creation Conference. You could at least teach how to get one's share
> of
> > those bikini girls on the beach... You see, most guys here have never
> felt
> > the warmth of a woman's bosom, so there might be a lot to talk about
> > between you and the conlang geeks.
> >
> > Just one thing: so you were mind-controlled to take the drugs. But
> what
> > happened with the public exposure of genitals??
> >

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