Just managed to read this (blast modern websites!), and wow. That. is. weird. So weird it makes me seem normal! 

But I got rather distracted by the though if how awesome it would be to construct a language and sing epic songs in it! In my dream world I'm a linguist actress recording-artist... the first didn't realize because I didn't go to college, the second hasn't realized for lack of opportunity, the third for lack of reasonably decent recording equipment and of more-than-rudimentary musical-instrument ability. But I haven't given up hope, and even if none of that ever happens, I'd rather dream and fail than never have dreamed at all... 

Hey, maybe all I need is training in psychonetics! I here that helps all sorts of things! I know a little Russian, maybe they'll let me in on the secret :-P.


Verbing AWESOMES language!

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Ooh, if you haven’t read this article (or otherwise heard the story from John), you should read this whole thing. It is a WILD ride:

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> On May 5, 2016, at 1:01 AM, Decremental Bug <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Given the odd fate of Ithkuil, what is to be done when a language is
>> commandeered by a cult or other unsavory ideology?
> What odd fate ?  What bad thing happened with Ithkuil ?
> I can't seem to find any news online. Could anyone on the list kindly
> elaborate or point me to a link ?
> Thanks.