0 Divolm 7, 6 Thnuhduhk, 7:11:36

> > zhuhzhuhm (fly): fly in a straight line / like a bird
> Birds don't generally fly in straight lines.  They do tend to fly in
> smoother curves than bees or butterflies, I guess, if that's what you
> meant?

I suspect Stone is referencing the phrase, "as the crow flies", i.e. birds
take a very direct path from A to B, if they so wish.

Some further notes that should’ve gone in the minutes:


I realised that a contrasting example for ‘jo’ would probably have been
more helpful in demonstrating its semantic range and interaction with
irrealis mood.

Sesuhtfeh dic zhu, jo telzlnolnfeh dic thehvmeh tulnah.
You’re singing badly, so my eyes are raining.

Sesuhtfeh fmolk zhu, jo telzlnolnfeh dic thehvmeh tulnah.
If you sing badly, my eyes will rain.

(Other tribe members can obviously leave out either or both of the
auxiliaries, as they see fit. I dare not utter the resulting sentences, but
they are well-formed, and context would be used to determine which
interpretation is intended.)


Bird expressed interest in increasing the scope for emotional expression in
Sajem Tan through attitudinals and interjections. Members were in favour of
greater emotional expressivity, though there were concerns that the
proposed mechanism lacks originality. No decision was arrived at;
suggestions are welcome.

- River