To me the "Apocalypse" is only sad for people that want more than
anything to be ruled by an imbecile for eternity.  The AD in Saturn is
pretty sure I'm Rad-ical.

We're about to build Heaven, I mean.. about to be consciously aware of
the fact that we've been in the process of doing that at least since
1666.  That's the year we got the New "t."

What I'm trying to offer some lucky and insightful genius is the key
to finding a hidden cypher in names.  A language all His own, speaking
to the world in secret from the time before Adam had anything to do
with ante-meridian and Eve was short for everyone after evening. - Morning and Evening, night
and day, both have a ridiculous amount of Biblical reference.  You
know, soon we might see The Son rise, for the first time ever.

As we continue to discuss the "creation myth" of Atum-Ra, who
ejaculated humanity into existence... we might also be interested in
his counterpart--Osiris, who lost his phallis in a tree... and then
found it squarely in:

Richard Nixon's trick, to equate Wood->ward to Isaac's altar... and
the psych ward... and Burn->stein... to some more heavenly fire, and
Emmanuel Goldstein.  This stuff is Gold I tell you, like Mary's golden

John Hancock, and Yankee Doodle both concur, this hidden language is
pretty macaronic.  Our entire history, from ancient myths to the
American Revolution ... all to support the freeing of our people from
slavery.    Here and now.

The real gold for me, though, is the amazingly prophetic work of
Phillip K. Dick, whose works revolved around very similar concepts ...
from "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheeple?" to the Minority Report
on pre-crime and prophesy.  In the Matrix, you might find another Key
to link the creation god Anu--to Eve, or it's coincidental that Keanu
and Christopher link Neo and Kal-El.

The "re" at the heart of "Creation" is for reason, surrounded by the
positive energy of cations, in English--a language rooted in
electrical eng-ineering.  It's the one at the beginning of "Reeves"

So now I suppose I'm suggesting that English is also a language created.

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> Speaking of soap, this thread is rather reminiscent of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap bottles.
> I'm sure the AD in ADmin has deep spiritual meaning...
> -Christa
> Verbing AWESOMES language!
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> It means that we have a rule on this list not to discuss religion or
> politics, whereby people with widely differing beliefs and political views
> can come together and discuss a shared interest, and actually learn some
> facts about that shared interest. That takes a healthy dose of tolerance
> and civilty, things which people given to soapboxing and threatening and
> ridiculing those who don't agree with them know preciously little about.
> You are quite welcome here, if you abide by the etiquette and topic of the
> list which is constructed languages and linguistic *science*. If you don't
> abide by these simple rules I'm afraid you will get banned. I'm sure there
> are mailing lists devoted to the kind of topic you like to hold forth
> about, where people will actually pay attention to you. Please don't
> confuse the behavior of another soapboxer who wants to get back for past
> defeats with real attention.
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>> I figured out what NCNC means.
>> No cross, no continuation.
>> 'tis the beginning; staring you all in the face is a literal gold
>> mine, the stuff of instant fame by proving (or disproving (no chance))
>> a claim that literally changes the world.
>> This is about logical analysis; you aren't being preached to, or told
>> what to believe--I am merely explaining what I see in the words of an
>> ancient language--proof that it is an intentionally constructed tool
>> sent back in time to ... here's religion:
>> to stop the repeated destruction of our time line in secret using a
>> hidden technology.
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>> > Seconded! The original post was crackpot spam; the rest was superfluous.
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