Thanks, as you might imagine... I'm not a huge fan of "the cross"
myself.  I try to avoid discussing religious beliefs, but its often a
good source of insight and perhaps is the key to statistically proving
that our modern spoken languages are intelligently constructed... by
giving us a way to narrow sample space.  I'll do my best, frankly...
if there isn't more interest or curiosity I'm nearing the end of the
"bright flash."

The last example I have is within the word Civilization, and two
additional words which relate to each other, "Lion" and "Zion."  When
read backwards, these two words read "no-IL" and "no-IZ," which happen
to be the "heart" of the word Civilization.   The third set of letters
to finish the heart are "at," which (like a number of other glyphs,
"n" being a good example of "what goes up must come down") appears to
well describe the union of Lions and Zion... @ -- a swirling around
"a".  Zion, in "my mythology" is a point in time, a brief flash where
the truth overcomes the darkness.

Whether or not it's intentional is up to the reader to discern; though
I've also noted another interesting connection--which might interest
this group.  The name Kurzweil appears to also include these same
letter groups, "K, you are Z we IL."  Kurzweil's main focus of "Ai"
brings me to look at another similarly accusatory word, "Sam-ur-Ai"
and again this could be related to the Hebrew word for Lord, "A.D. on
Ai."  Ai also appears in another heretofore unmentioned Hebrew name
for God, "El ShaddAi." The word "Lord" concerns me, so

The idea that our names have been chosen before we were born, yet seem
(in many cases) to relate to actions that we have taken during our
lives has ... interesting implications.

My name for instance, DOB-r-in, appears to relate to my date of birth,
which is 12/8/1980; though that would have made no sense for the three
or four generations which used the name before I was born.   Still, I
see this as a clear play on words, poking fun at the words
"immaculate" ( and
"mess." (

I am sure this Cypher (hello Matrix character) is real, I can read
significant amounts of insight from these simple names... I think if
it were investigated more we could probably glean much more than my
cursory "flash of insight."  As far as "gylphs" are concerned, "d" is
an interesting one, I used it's explanation in my website's domain.  I
see it as standing for "darkness" until it's broken, and then it's the
c-reator's l-light... hidden meaning within letters, words, (maybe
everything around us.)  I spent some time in Kentucky, and you might
now see Clark (see dark?) Kent's initials, as well as his last name..
in the name of that state:

Kent you CK why? These initials also make an appearance in "Back to
the Future" in Mar-ty's underwear... and in the transliteration of the
name of Isaac, Y-its-Ha-CK... which might be a pun on both the modern
meaning of "hack" and a reference to Clark Kent.  The logical
confluence between Dr. Who and Clark Kent is exactly what I think we
need to fix in order to "break the d" of darkness.

I could go on and on with fiction, listing characters like Dr. Who,
Sam Be-ck-et, Little Cindy-Who, and Sam I AM... but the one I find
most interesting is "Yosemite Sam," which appears to correlate a
Native American name with a humorous rendition of the proper name of
people of middle eastern descent.  I happen to read SEM as "Save
Everyone Messiah," so the "oddity" here is that "Yo, semite" is
singular.  You might guess what "SAM" stands for.

Reading the word "Messiah" backwards, we also see an equality, "Ha" is
"SEM."  Again, the "Ha" relates to Isaac (meaning he laughs),
Abra-ha-m (which btw is "macaronic" for "open the m," and you might
see the "AC" at the end of Isaac inside that M, just like AD is in n).
In ancient Egyptian mythology, Ka and Ba are terms used to describe
"body and spirit" respectively.  I tend to think of "Ha" as perhaps an
intertwining of both.

As far as the name "Sam" which might relate to Uncle Sam (a real live
nephew of... born on... ) Samael, et al.. we see another set of
interesting "names" in TV manufacturers, "SAM-SUNG" and "SON-WHY."  I
haven't really gotten into it, but there's a whole world of songs that
congeal well with this hidden cypher...  That song, by a guy named
Cat, and also perhaps referencing St. Eve.

One last mention, I find the cypher tends to use information
technology acronyms with priority (when attempting to discern a
message), so I correlate "Stevens" and ... Athens: at the name server.

Other names that appear to follow this pattern are Morrison (come on,
light my fire), Madison, EDIson (which references an IT acronym), and
Watson--which might relate to DNA and Sherlock Holmes, it's
Elementary... really.   Then there's the name of the "prime-ordeal"
man, Adam Kadmon... K, ad... what day is it?

Incidentally, the Hebrew name for the book of Exodus is "Names."  That
name, Exodus, in reverse, appears to be an iconic phrase... written in
"Unix speak," (sometimes I say my native "geek," to be tongue in
cheek) it is "let there be light." explained:

As far as Unix commands go, I find "cat," "tail," and "head"
especially noteworthy.  For those that don't know, "sudo" (the end of
exodus reversed) is akin to run as the God account, which incidentally
is called "root."

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> "NCNC" stands for "No Cross, No Crown", which, in the culture of the Conlang
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> (unless it's inextricably bound up with conlangs)".
> As one of the list moderators, I must ask you to confine your messages
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> I figured out what NCNC means.
> No cross, no continuation.
> 'tis the beginning; staring you all in the face is a literal gold
> mine, the stuff of instant fame by proving (or disproving (no chance))
> a claim that literally changes the world.
> This is about logical analysis; you aren't being preached to, or told
> what to believe--I am merely explaining what I see in the words of an
> ancient language--proof that it is an intentionally constructed tool
> sent back in time to ... here's religion:
> to stop the repeated destruction of our time line in secret using a
> hidden technology.
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