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>Indeed! I participated in a thread from the Linguistics and Conlangs group
just yesterday! As for the Conlangs group, there hasn't been a Facebook
group called that way in years! There are various groups whose names start
with Conlangs, and one group called Conlang (actually the husk of what used
to be the Conlangs group), but no group called just Conlangs!

>In other words, Victor, I don't know what you're smoking, but that's
powerful stuff! Care to keep some of it for us? ;)

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>You're still talking nonsense: the Linguistics and Conlangs group had never
been deleted in the entire time I've been a member, and it's been years
already. So once again: what are you smoking?
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Can you actually prove that you are President of the Language Creation Society? The right-wing political hackers are known to be a profession on hacking and impersonation; in fact, they need make a claim of high social status so they do not need to use reasons to enforce their politics. By the way, what is with your 'what you're smoking' phrase which is used often by the right-wing politicians on informal registrar...