Da musti! (Good morning!)

I know that Ehenív (with or without using official *Legend of Zelda* lore,
which I do a lot of)...let's use the *Las Vegas Dialect*, (non-LOZ, modern
version) then as my point of reference--is not censored (it is Vegas...),
but it still has slang. All versions of Ehenív have it (and they are all
*unique* to their dialects).

Of course, Vegas dialect Ehenív slang is based on stuff my brother used to
say or stuff from the mid-1990's (Specifically *West Coast USA*).

(Vegas and Pirate Dialects only get Google Sites...mummy definitely favours
her *first born*, in this case)

I guess my point is: *slang* can be created even if your society is not

*Slang* also is mostly *natural* (mine is *artificial, *but, that is
because for the fan-fiction authors: they want to be able to make their
Gerudos more *casual* and realistic...and I just wanted to test a

Tisala'e! (or as they say in *Vegas* 'Čos!' or *Peace out!*),

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> Since Yemora isn't a censored society, does that mean there is no slang?
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