>James Constable; River; Shelsheln
>coltan = remote-/telekinetically-controlled item; zombie

To clarify, the part concerning zombies refers only to zombies/undead which are remote-controlled by a necromancer/magic-user. Independent zombies would not count.

>kecyc = Internet / cyberspace / virtual reality / dream / Holodeck /multiplayer game mode / Second Life / Tron (if the shared nature of the experience 
> is important, it can be clarified with 'sajem')

Bird thinks the unifying feature is their simulated/illusory nature.

>It was decided that the 'animate' class would be limited to only those beings in the kingdom Animalia; other living organisms (plants, fungi, Ediacaran 
> biota, etc.) are 'vegetal'

What about viruses and bacteria?

>* kol = polar interrogative auxiliary (adjusted post-meeting, when River realised that the original form was not a valid auxiliary)

Unfortunately, it is still phonotactically invalid. Perhaps, "kolk" would suffice.