Daya! (Heya!)

Yesterday, I was writing down my *daily* *accomplishment *(I tend to write
things down In Ehenív) and I realised I made a HUGE mistake! It took 12
years to realise it!

(And yesterday's *accomplishment* was *Nrekana* or *Nothing*...especially
after that mistake!)

The word in question is *Das* = (to) Do. Its past tense form *Dat* (Did)
makes no sense!

It should have technically been *Dast* (did) not *dat*.

However, (amendments will need to be made to the web-site, now) happily, I
now can have *Didn't* without it also looking like *Did not*.

*Didn't *is written as 'Dat'müs' and *Did not* is currently, 'Dat müs'...they
look too similar!

Ehenív does have contractions.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? Where they find an *error *in
their conlang after years of not seeing it and are completely *embarrassed* by