These are some additional words Thunder and Bird have made for her movie's script.

jelkelm : (n.) a book, usually but not always a physical (i.e., paper) book

It was inspired by "jikin", meaning "wiki; notebook; bulletin board". (See the FrathWiki page for details.)

-tuc: a suffix for "a part of"

Example: "jelkelmtuc" is a "page" because a page is a part of a book. Thus far, our experimentation with this suffix is highly contextually sensitive so "jelkelmtuc" could also reasonably mean "book cover" or maybe "binding".

thycam: (v.) to read

We also decided that we should use "sin -- auxiliary verb: may; let it be that" for imperatives. 
Example: "Jelkelm thycam sin Vithit" for "May Bird read the book"/"Let it be that Bird reads the book".

The following are some that Bird just created.

gevmulk: (adj.) underground, subterranean, chthonic; (v.) to bury, inter, or inhume, especially treasure or waste
Example: "Zlolzhitvmeh zlo gevmulkfeh molt thefnolm" should mean "The bear did not bury his poop".

dasnan: (n.) outer space; (n.) nature ; (adj.) natural, cosmic